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Cold Drawn Shapes

Our Cold Drawn Shaped Profiles are custom made per the specifications of the end users's drawing or needs. Plymouth goes the extra mile to work with customers to produce a highly engineered product which will save time and cost. Offering profiles in both symmetrical and non-symmetrical, Plymouth’s Precision geometric profile combinations and shapes are nearly unlimited!

Solid Profiles are offered in a wide range of carbon, stainless, and exotic alloys with cold-drawn metallurgical properties.  

Solid Shape Cross-Section Must Fit Within a Diameter: 

Carbon, Alloy & Nickel Alloy 6.0 inch (150 mm)Titanium 6.0 inch (150 mm) Stainless Steel 5.5 inch (140 mm)

    • Cold Drawn
    • Machine Ready
    • Superior Mechanical Properties
    • Minimal tooling costs 
    • Reduced material usage
    • Lower parts count 
    • Reduced overall finishing operations

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