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Near Net Aerospace Extrusions

Plymouth Engineered Shapes is the premiere provider of near-net extruded shapes for a large variety of aerospace applications.   All customers want to squeeze more cost out of their parts and Plymouth Engineered Shapes offers the solution in  Titanium, Stainless steel, Alloy steel or Nickel-based alloys. 

Titanium has long been the material of choice for aerospace manufacturers seeking materials to withstand the high-temperatures, chemical corrosion, and mechanical stress occurring within military and commercial aircraft. Typical applications for titanium include:

  • helicopter parts
  • high- temperature engine components
  • airframe and structural parts
  • engine pylons
  • pylon attach beams
  • floor beams
  • longerons
  • vertical stabilizer spars
  • bomb and missile racks

Titanium Grades      

Specifications (where applicable)             

Outside Dimensions




Commercially pure titanium  

Others upon request

AMS 4935·DMS 1650



MMS 1202

AIMS 03-18-011

AMS 4975 (Chemistry Only)

Shape cross-section must fit within 6.0-inch (152.4 mm) diameter
    • Reduce Machining Time
    • Less production steps
    • Minimized cutting tools
    • Improved Buy-to-Fly Ratio
    • Less scrap and material waste
    • Reduction in Carbon footprint
    • Spend less on high volume production or short runs

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