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SEA-CURE - The Condenser Solution

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Our super ferritic SEA-CURE® is the most cost effective tubing solution for applications where Titanium, Admiralty Brass and Copper-Nickel are causing unwanted outages.

SEA-CURE boasts:


This alloy is specifically designed for applications where chloride induced pitting, crevice and stress corrosion cracking may be encountered. Plymouth's  SEA-CURE stainless steel is used in Electric Power Plant Condensers and Feedwater Heaters, BOP Exchangers, Various Chemical, Petrochemical and Refining Applications, and Desalination Heat Exchangers.


SEA-CURE® is a registered Trademark of Plymouth Tube Company.

OD Range: .625-2" (15.88-50.80mm)

Wall Range:  .016-.083" (.406-2.10mm)

Max Length: 130' (39 m)

Grade: UNS S44660

Specifications: ASTM A-803, ASME SA-803, ASTM A-268

SEA-CURE® tubing is manufactured and tested to the requirements and tolerances of ASTM A-268, A-803, ASME SA-268 and SA-803 and U.S. Patents 4,119, 765 and 4,942,922.

    SEACURE Condenser Tubing Logo

    • The ferritic structure of SEA-CURE stainless steel provides a high strength/low work hardening material with good ductility.
    • These properties allow high design stress limits with good fabrication characteristics. Because of the nickel addition, SEA-CURE has a lower ductile-to-brittle transition temperature than similar ferritic steels without nickel additions.
    • Significantly higher modulus that allows the use of a lighter wall with less problem of vibration
    • Higher steam and water droplet erosion resistance allowing a greater cushion in cases where upset conditions may occur
    • Weldability to other stainless steels
    • Higher strength and modulus which allows more tolerance for those tough designs and installations
    • Over 30 years of commercial history with an outstanding performance record
    • Superior Corrosion Resistance

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