Concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus are top of mind for everyone, and we want to update you about the actions Plymouth is taking to ensure a safe and healthy environment for team members, customers and essential visitors and contractors to our facilities while maintaining production.

With health and safety as our top priority, we have vigilantly implemented several measures to protect our employees so that we can maintain production at our facilities:

  • We are following CDC guidelines for cleaning and sanitation and have made anti-viral masks available to our employees.
  • Social distancing is in practice; we have implemented staggered start and stop times for production and made additional rooms available for breaks and lunch to minimize contact.
  • Daily updates are provided to employees on how to avoid contracting the virus, and how to avoid transmitting it should they become or suspect they are ill.
  • A 2 week rotation plan has been implemented for key mill positions to ensure continuity.
  • Access to our facilities is restricted to Plymouth employees and essential visitors and contractors. Deliveries and shipments are executed in a designated area via controlled interaction to reduce contact.
  • The majority of our non-production team members are working remotely, and we have eliminated travel except for emergency customer and supplier situations.

Meeting customer needs is always our focus, and as such, Plymouth has reviewed its supply chain exposure risk and states the following:

  • Plymouth usually utilizes domestic sourcing. We occasionally utilize non-domestic sourcing and are closely monitoring risks as the situation evolves.
  • We have arranged alternate domestic sourcing to ensure raw material availability.
  • We have implemented and are further developing contingency plans for any potential domestic supply, transportation or labor disruptions.

We are discussing with current and prospective customers their need to insure against potential disruption and /or re-source material with known disruptions. As such, our manufacturing lead times and raw material pricing and availability could change quickly and dramatically, so we encourage you to stay in close contact with your Plymouth representative regarding your material requirements.

Notwithstanding all these preparations, state and local governments have started announcing “shelter in place” or similar mandates, which effectively shuts down businesses regardless of their health or preparedness. Should these mandates be enforced on Plymouth or our suppliers, it would make continued production impossible. As such we are beginning to operate with additional safety stock and encourage you to take the same approach.

Our leadership team is constantly following all updates and reevaluating our response and efforts to keep our employees healthy. We will continue following county, state, and federal guidelines in all the communities in which we operate. We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation in complying with these measures.

Best regards,

Drew Van Pelt

President & CEO