Plymouth Schwerter Technik is your partner for highly technical and mission-critical custom applications. The Schwerter facility specializes in solutions that maximize protective attributes and reinforce profiles such as hot-rolled, hot-extruded, cold-drawn through our proprietary process and laminates.

Our specials systems and protection systems product offerings are ideal to strengthen armored vehicle and military applications.  We work with a wide spectrum of materials ranging from carbon steels, stainless steels and armored steels to compound materials.  Our “protection systems” are designed exactly to the customer specifications and are used in armored military and automobile applications.

Plymouth Schwerter Technik’s layered “Sandwich” system ensures the strength of Ballistic Grilles. A layered approach offers advantages over alternative methods as  compound materials prevent the penetration of projectiles or fragments through the air intake and vent openings in armored vehicles.

Plymouth Schwerter Technik