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Dan Janikowski

Dan Janikowski
Technical Manager

Dan Janikowski has held numerous positions in the pipe, tube and power industries for over 40 years. He has been involved in copper alloys, stainless steel, nickel alloy and titanium tubing for companies including Wolverine Tube, Trent Tube, and Plymouth Tube. Dan joined Plymouth Tube Co in 2010 and is currently Technical Manager. He has held positions related to QA, technical service, sales and marketing, and operations management.

Dan has a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Illinois. He has authored over 35 technical papers on materials selection, non-destructive testing, tubular product manufacturing and testing, corrosion, and water chemistry. Dan holds 3 patents.

Dan has acquired the following certifications / organization credentials:

ASTM Board of Directors 2013-2015
ASTM Award of Merit 2007
ASTM Fellow
ASME Fellow
Chairman of the ASTM A01.10 Stainless & Alloy Steel Tubular Product Sub-Committee
Vice-Chairman ASTM A01.17 Stainless Steel Flat Product Sub-Committee
Vice-Chairman ASTM B02.07 Nickel and Nickel Alloy Wrought Products Sub-Committee
Member ASTM A01.14 Corrosion Testing Sub- Committee
Member ASTM A01.09 Carbon Steel Tubular Product Sub-Committee
Member ASTM B10.10 Titanium Products Sub-Committee
Member EPRI Nuclear Heat Exchanger Performance User Group
Workshop lecturer – EPRI Condenser and BOP/NDE Heat Exchanger conferences
US ISO delegate for the ISO-TC 17/SC19
Member ASME Sub-Group on Ferrous Materials
Member ASME Power Division Heat Exchanger Committee
Member ASME Power Plant Environmental Chemistry
Chairman Heat Exchanger Institute (HEI) Tubular Product Technical Committee
Member National Association of Corrosion Engineers
ASNT Level III Eddy Current and Ultrasonic Testing