Hydraulic applications demand the highest quality tubing.

Plymouth Tube has been the premier supplier of hydraulic tubing for 95 years, and we know what it takes to supply the most stringent industries.  Our hydraulic tubing is used in industries from aerospace to heavy equipment, and our customers know they can depend on us to ship a quality product with consistency.


  • Exceptionally Bright and Clean OD and ID
  • Carefully Restricted Chemistry
  • Consistent Quality
  • Approved Fabrication Characteristics
  • Technical Support
  • Design for higher system pressures
  • Reduce overall system weight
  • Reduce fluid turbulence and flow velocity
  • Improve fluid flow volume
  • Reduce system heat generation


Carbon Steel Hydraulic Tubing

Plymouth’s Eupora, Mississippi, mill has been producing carbon steel hydraulic tubing since 1985 when the plant was built specifically to manufacture this product.  Our experience producing carbon steel hydraulic tubing guarantees our customers quality and consistency with each shipment.   Plymouth Tube’s hydraulic tubing is fabricated in grade C-1010 modified, continuous-cast and inclusion controlled carbon steel.

The tubing is first formed, welded and then cold drawn to the specified dimensions. Annealing in a hydrogen-nitrogen controlled atmosphere produces an exceptionally bright, clean surface finish, inside and out. HydraBrite®’s mechanical properties exceed all industry standards, and HydraBrite dimensional tolerances (OD and ID) range from ±.002″ to ±.003″.

Wall thickness tolerances range from ±10% to ±15%.

OD Range: .25-1.75″ (6.35-44.45mm)

Wall Range:  .028-.125″ (.71-3.05mm)

Max Length: 26′ (8m)

Grade:  1010

Specifications: SAE-J525


HS-50, High Pressure Hydraulic Tubing

From replacing machined bar in fittings to allowing for higher pressures in assemblies, engineers are using HS-50™ in a variety of hydraulic applications. With mechanical properties equivalent to SAE J2614 Type-A, HS-50™ is a cost effective alternative that provides:

the STRENGTH of higher alloy steel


the CONFIDENCE to braze

the CONSISTENCY that Plymouth’s products are known for

With a minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi (345 MPa) and 30% minimum elongation, HS-50™ allows the system designer to design for higher system pressures while reducing overall system weight.

OD Range: 0.375” – 1.625”

Wall Range: 0.035” – 0.120”

Max Length: 26’


Stainless Steel Hydraulic Tubing

Plymouth Tube offers stainless steel hydraulic tubing for a variety of industries.   From heavy equipment to aircraft to instrumentation tubing in chemical plants, Plymouth has your solution.

OD Range: 0.125” – 4.000”

Wall Range: 0.016” – 0.218”

Max Length: 80’


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