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A Perfect Fit Within Industrial Automation

Companies are pursing technology and process upgrade in their factors and processes a through exploring process, machine and technology improvements. Keeping pace with technology trends such as Machine Learning and Internet of Things, Linear Systems, Collaborative Robotic Systems and Complex delivery mechanism are being integrated to improve packaging, pick and place, sorting, palletizing, and transportation of finished products for shipment. Plymouth Tube is a key strategic partner when looking to source cold drawn solid shapes, precision edged steel and steel tubing for a variety of applications within the industrial automation marketing, including:

  • Linear Rail Systems
  • Linear Motion Systems
  • Guide Systems
  • Rolling Guides
  • Rotary Motion
  • Actuators and Actuation Systems
  • Conveyor Systems and belts

Our proprietary process provides a profile which is “machine ready,” saving valuable production time and eliminating waste. Cold Drawn Solid Shapes/Profiles are available symmetrical and non-symmetrical resulting in unlimited geometric profile combinations and opportunities.