How will you use HS-50 High Pressure tubing?

From replacing machined bar in fittings to allowing for higher pressures in assemblies, engineers are using HS-50™ in a variety of hydraulic applications.  With mechanical properties equivalent to SAE J2614 Type-A, HS-50™ is a cost effective alternative that provides:

the STRENGTH of higher alloy steel


the CONFIDENCE to braze

the CONSISTENCY that Plymouth’s products are known for.

With a minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi (345 Mpa) and 30% minimum elongation, HS-50™ allows the system designer to design for higher system pressures while reducing overall system weight.

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  • Design for higher system pressures
  • Reduce overall system weight
  • Reduce fluid turbulence and flow velocity
  • Improve fluid flow volume
  • Reduce system heat generation

Product Data

Size Range

OD: 0.375” – 1.625”

Wall: 0.035” – 0.120”

Max Length: 26’

Mechanical Requirements:

Yield Strength: 345 Mpa min (50,025 psi min)

Tensile Strength: 500 Mpa min (72,500 psi min)

Elongation: 30% min

Chemical Composition


Hydraulic Applications

HS-50™ High Pressure Hydraulic Tubing can be used anywhere high strength low alloy tubing is required.  HS-50 is a great alternative to J525 or seamless hydraulic tubing in fittings and fluid lines.

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