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Stop expensive machining and get the shape you want with tubing!

Shaped tubing from Plymouth Tube can slash processing costs, lower scrap material and reduce your turnaround time.  Plymouth offers both custom engineered shapes per your specifications as well as standard shapes such as square, hex, triangle, and streamline.

Shaped tubing is widely used by manufactures in automotive, aerospace, construction, drilling, medical equipment, and many other industries. OEMs and metal fabricators currently specify Plymouth Engineered Shapes for such diverse applications as:

  • Automotive shafts and steering columns
  • Tools and tool handles
  • Torque wrenches and wrench extensions
  • Telescoping components
  • Rebar and direct drilling couplers
  • Components for a wide assortment of industrial and medical equipment

Technical Solutions:

Plymouth cold drawn seamless near-net shaped tubing enables manufacturers to solve tough technical challenges and attain physical and mechanical properties that would be difficult to achieve with other methods, such as machining from bar.


US Grades in Series 1000, 4000, 6000, 8000, 9000



Symmetrical and non-symmetrical shapes including rounds, squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, and customer OD/ID combinations. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

  • Hexagons and Octagons, Across Flats: 0.3125” – 3.625”
  • Rectangles and Squares: 0.625” per side min, 5.000” max
  • Unique Shapes: Greater than 0.625”


  • Dimensional Tolerance, Standard: +/- 0.005
  • Fillet and Radii Tolerance, Standard: 0.015” in Carbon
  • Ratio of Height vs. Width:  1 : 1.16 (max)


  • Wide range of physical and mechanical properties, depending on grade, processing and annealing options.

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