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Plymouth Engineered Shapes- Elevator Sills

Near-Net Extrusions for the Elevator Industry INSIST ON THE ADDED VALUE OF STAINLESS STEEL Plymouth Engineered Shapes is the premier supplier of stainless steel elevator sills and other extruded architectural components. The quality of Plymouth’s material and process is evident in dimensional integrity, consistency and superior surface quality of all parts.   APPLICATIONS: Elevator Sills …

Plymouth Motorsports Products™ Brochure

PLYMOUTH MOTORSPORTS PRODUCTS™ When Safety Matters, Trust the Source At Plymouth Tube Company, we understand the importance of receiving material exactly as specified, especially for safety critical applications. Plymouth prides itself on producing products that meet or exceed the most stringent and demanding standards in order to provide customers with the highest quality tubing. Plymouth …

HS-50 High Pressure Hydraulic Tubing

Meet demands for higher system pressure COST-EFFECTIVE HS-50 HIGH PRESSURE HYDRAULIC TUBING™ Hydraulic System Engineers searching for steel tubing to meet today’s demands now have a cost-effective solution: HS-50 High Pressure Hydraulic Tubing™ featuring a minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi and 30% minimum elongation. BENEFITS: Design for higher system pressures Reduce overall system weight …

Eng Shapes Aerospace Brochure

Lift Off for Less with Lower Part Cost NEARER TO NET TITANIUM AND STEEL EXTRUSIONS The Aerospace Industry demands performance. Plymouth recognizes that failures are not an option. Nearer to net titanium and steel extrusions help ensure that high standards are met with consistency. This means lower part cost for you and greater confidence for …

Cold Drawn Shaped Tubing Brochure

We explain the capabilities, applications, quality benefits and economic advantages of our cold drawn seamless near-net shaped tubing.