Warrenville, IL – Plymouth Tube has finalized negotiations with United Steelworkers for the closure of its East Troy CWA plant at 2061 Young Street. Plymouth’s other tube mill in East Troy, the Trent Mill at 2056 Young Street, serves the aerospace and industrial markets and is unaffected by the closure of its sister plant.

The East Troy CWA mill has a long history of producing high alloy and super ferritic stainless steel condenser tubing for the power generation and heat transfer markets. Weak market conditions for coal‐ fired power generation in the United States and a desire to consolidate operations contributed to Plymouth’s decision to close the plant.

Customers with orders placed at East Troy can be assured that Plymouth will complete all acknowledged jobs. Additionally, Plymouth is committed to continuing to serve the condenser market from one or more of its other locations.

Thirty‐four employees are affected by the closure of the plant. Where possible some employees will be transitioned to other roles within the company. “There’s no question this was a long and difficult decision process,” said Plymouth CEO Donald Van Pelt, Jr., “we’re doing everything we can to work with our employees, including job search assistance.”