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Performance Racing Industry’s Preferred Tubing

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4130 Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing

For over 50 years, 4130 cold drawn seamless tubing has been used as the preferred steel tubing for the performance racing industry. It is most commonly used in the construction of chassis, frames, and roll cages and can be found in many different types of racing vehicles. Before gaining popularity in the performance racing industry, 4130 cold drawn seamless tubing was used in the aircraft industry. It was determined by aircraft builders that the material was a better alternative to mass-produced, lower carbon seamless steels for aircraft construction. 4130 cold drawn seamless tubing is not limited to the performance racing and aircraft industry, as it can be used in a variety of applications where high-stress, hydraulic, oil and fluids are essential. Since the early 1960’s, Plymouth Tube Company has been making 4130 cold drawn seamless tubing and has established itself as the industry standard. The following video shows Plymouth’s cold drawn seamless manufacturing process at our facility in Streator, Illinois.


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Safety is essential when building a chassis, frame, or roll cage for your vehicle, so choosing a grade that won’t fail is the first step in assuring the safety of the driver and performance of the vehicle. When selecting a material, it is important to understand the differences in the tubing choices you have. 4130, Drawn Over Mandrel tubing, ERW tubing, and Docol®, are all common options available to chassis builders, with 4130 and Docol being the most used. Plymouth’s ProMoly® 4130 cold drawn seamless tubing has been proven to exceed industry standards when compared to other options, such as Docol. The following chart shows how ProMoly performs against Docol’s fatigue strength.



Plymouth ProMoly 4130 Tubing

Plymouth Tube Company has spent many years fine tuning the processes required to make the best possible quality 4130 cold drawn seamless product. ProMoly is a result of our years of perfecting the manufacturing controls necessary to provide a consistent, high-performing product suited to fit the needs of the performance racing industry. ProMoly offers inherent toughness from being a seamless tube, which can also result in repeatable weldability due to no weld seam orientation. It maintains higher mechanical properties versus the standard AMS-T-6736A and MIL-T-6736B, so fabricators know how it will react to welding every time. ProMoly also has tighter dimensional tolerances on the OD and wall from being cold drawn and stress relieved, which provides a predictable finished product and consistent performance every time!

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