Plymouth Tube Co. has donated several hundred feet of specialty grade stainless steel tubing to the Spurlock Museum at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign further demonstrating its dedication to the community. Recently, the Spurlock Museum had expanded their storage space and was in need of stainless steel tubing to hold large rolls of historically significant textiles.  With recommendation from the Plymouth Tube Trent Mill, the museum decided on AL-6XN as the material for the tubing citing its superior physical and mechanical properties.


The Spurlock Museum is a university museum that is considered to be both an educational and a research institution. They share their collections and information with the public through exhibitions, guided tours, special programs, events, and their webpage. Spurlock Museum has five feature galleries that represent different cultures and areas throughout the world.


Plymouth Tube’s Trent facility in East Troy, WI manufactures AL-6XN tubing, a super-austenitic stainless steel, which boasts high strength and corrosion resistance. Trent’s General Manager, Brian Meek commented, “When we have the opportunity to aid in the community, we like to step forward and make a strong contribution.  The Spurlock Museum was a unique opportunity for us to provide product we manufacture to help preserve history.” Plymouth Tube Company Trent manufactures welded and drawn tubing for the Aerospace, Space Exploration, Pump Shell, Air Cylinder and Nuclear Industries.


Since 1924, Plymouth Tube Co. has served the steel tubing industry with continued manufacturing excellence practices and technical expertise that promotes industrial partnerships with many of their customers. Currently headquartered in suburban Chicago with 11 manufacturing mills across the U.S., Plymouth is a global supplier of specialty carbon alloy, nickel alloy, and stainless steel tubing for mechanical, pressure, boiler, and hydraulic applications. Steel, nickel and titanium extruded and cold drawn shapes are produced by Plymouth Engineered Shapes.  As an award-winning manufacturer, Plymouth is well positioned for continued global growth by supplying the aerospace, transportation, energy, and industrial markets