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Plymouth Tube Co. Announces Two New Members to Board of Directors

WARRENVILLE, IL (March 4, 2021) – Plymouth Tube Company announced that it has recruited two new members to the company’s board of directors: Gary Brooks and Rand McNally. “I was interested in adding board members who had exceptional track records and could bring world-leading expertise in competencies critical to Plymouth’s success,” explains Drew Van Pelt, …

Reducing Waste by Specifying Extrusions

Extrusion is a compressive deformation process in which a billet is ‘forced’ (extruded) through a die in order to obtain a reduction in its cross-section and convert to the desired shape. The length of the extruded part will vary, dependent upon the initial dimensions of the billet and the profile extruded. The extrusion process produces …

Cutting Operation – BEWO DCH-76

Bewo Cold Saw Capabilities Min OD:  .313″ Max OD: 2.992″ Min Wall: .03937″ Max Wall: Can cut solid bar (max weight 110 lbs) Min Length (sawn only): 1.60″ Min length brush debur and washer: 6″ Min Length through saw, brush wash: 10′ Cut length tolerance: +/- .012″ Tube Wash System filtered to capture contaminants 200 …